April 18, 2024

11:00 PM

Minnesota Wild - Seattle Kraken
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)
April 19, 2024

12:00 AM

Winnipeg Jets - Vancouver Canucks
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

1:00 AM

Calgary Flames - San Jose Sharks
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

1:30 AM

Colorado Avalanche - Edmonton Oilers
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

2:00 AM

Vegas Golden Knights - Anaheim Ducks
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

2:30 AM

Los Angeles Kings - Chicago Blackhawks
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)
April 20, 2024

11:00 PM

Boston Bruins - Toronto Maple Leafs
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

11:00 PM

Carolina Hurricanes - New York Islanders
Winner (Incl. Overtime and Penalties)

NHL Betting & Odds - Bet on Ice Hockey on Stake

This comprehensive NHL betting guide will give you everything you need to know to bet on your favourite NHL teams and ice hockey players throughout the season, with the best odds.

Stake.com is the perfect place to bet on the NHL (National Hockey League) and other ice hockey leagues, thanks to our effortless and instant deposits and withdrawals, and excellent value with your local currency or many cryptocurrencies available .

NHL betting with the best betting odds has never been easier, and there are so many markets to choose from, including winner bets, handicaps, and a vast range of proposition bets to keep things interesting during the season.

Along with the NHL, you can also bet on ice hockey leagues around the globe, including AHL , SHL , OHL , KHL , and more. So, read on to find out what you need to know about betting on sports - specifically the NHL at Stake.com , the leading online sportsbook , and how to make a profit from ice hockey this season.

History of the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) was established in 1917 to succeed the National Hockey Association. The NHA was on rocky ground due to several disputes between the Toronto Blueshirts and the Montreal Canadiens, ultimately leading to a new league.

The first president of the NHL was the legendary Frank Calder, who stayed in the role until his death in 1943. Initially, the NHL was competed by Canadian teams, but it embarked upon a rapid expansion during the 1920s, with the Boston Bruins becoming the first American team to join the league in 1924.

In the same decade, the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Black Hawks, and Detroit Cougars all joined the NHL, spawning its rapid growth throughout the United States. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the NHL enjoyed further expansion, which saw the league double in size and lead to a network television contract.

Today, 32 teams in the National Hockey League compete in four divisions – the Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central, and Pacific. Below, we explain how you can bet on the NHL throughout the season to make a profit from your ice hockey selections.

Types of NHL Betting

If you’re a ice hockey fan, there are so many different bets you can place at Stake, helping you find value as you back your favourite players and teams. Whether it's the Stanley Cup, or an all-star game, sports betting fans will love the wide range of bets you can place on your favourite teams and players. Some of the most popular NHL bets include:

Winner (including overtime and penalties)

The most straightforward bet to place on the NHL is picking a fixture’s winner. Sometimes known as the moneyline, your job is to pick which of the two teams will emerge victorious, including any overtime or penalties required to settle the fixture. Read our moneyline betting guide for more information on how to place this bet at Stake.com.


Another popular and easy type of betting, where you can place a wager on the winner, however this time you would place a bet on the outright winner of the entire NHL tournament. For example, you can place a bet on the futures odds for a team to win the Stanley Cup. Learn more with our outright betting guide .


In a 1x2 NHL bet, you are still betting on the overall winner of the game, but with one important distinction – you can also bet on a draw. Specifically, the 1 refers to a home win, the x refers to a draw, and the 2 refers to an away win.

Handicap (including overtime and penalties)

Commonly known as the puckline in NHL betting, a handicap bet is where the underdog is given a specific number of points as a head start, while the favourite is given a handicap to level the playing field.

In hockey, it’s common for the line to be set at 1 or 2, which represents how many points the favourite must win by for your handicap bet to come in. Check out our handicap betting guide for more information.

Total (including overtime and penalties)

Another popular NHL bet type is a total bet, which sees you place a wager on how many points you think will be scored in a game.

In a total bet, you don’t need to worry about which team or individual players score the points, only the total number at the end of the match. For instance, the sportsbook might set the NHL total line at 5.5, enabling you to bet on whether you think over or under this number of points will be scored in the match.

Asian handicap

An Asian handicap bet in ice hockey is a variation of the handicap bet already introduced. While regular handicap bets only account for the win, an Asian handicap allows for a push bet using decimal odds. So, for instance, the line in an ice hockey Asian handicap bet might be set at 0.5 or 1.5.

Asian total

Again, the Asian total is a variation of a regular total bet, which is also popular with ice hockey fans. Allowing for the possibility of a push, Asian total lines are given in decimal points, such as 0.50, 1.25, and 1.50, for instance.

Other than the variation in the line, an Asian total works the same as a standard total bet on the NHL betting markets.

Draw no bet

As draws (or ties) are possible in ice hockey, a draw no bet wager is a smart move, particularly for tight fixtures. It invites you to bet on the overall winner but returns your stake if the match finishes in a draw.

Double chance

In an ice hockey fixture, each team has three possible outcomes – win, draw, or loss. In a double chance NHL bet, you quite literally get a double chance, as you can bet on two of the three outcomes.

So, for instance, you could bet on Team A drawing or winning the fixture, and you would only lose your bet if Team A fails to win.

1st goal

A first-goal NHL bet is a simple proposition bet, enabling you to place a wager on which team you think will score the first goal out on the ice.

Both teams to score

An extremely popular bet with football fans, a both teams to score wager is a bet on both teams scoring in the match, as the name suggests. Many hockey games finish with both teams scoring, so this is an attractive betting option, particularly if you build a both teams to score bet into a multibet or parlay .

Winning margin

A winning margin bet enables you to place a wager on how many points you think one of the teams will win by. The sportsbook will offer you margins of +1, +2, +3, +4, etc.; your job is to decide how many points a team is likely to win by out on the ice.

Specific bets

In addition to the above popular NHL betting types, there are several specific bets that you can place before tuning into the action.

These are known as proposition bets, and they’re not tied directly to the outcome of the fixture. Some specific bets that you can place on ice hockey include:


Ice hockey matches are 60 minutes long, with three periods of 20 minutes. As such, you can place a number of bets on each period of action, including which team will win the period and how many goals will be scored in total.


Rather than betting on the team you think will win a hockey match, you can focus your attention on goals betting. This could be how many goals will be scored in a match or which player scores them, for instance.

Player props

As is the case with all sports betting, there are lots of player props for you to choose from when betting on ice hockey, including:

  • First goal/last goal

  • Anytime goal

  • To score two or more

  • Assists

  • Anytime points

  • Powerplay points

  • Number of shots

This allows you to back your favourite players in different ways, be it the Oilers centre Connor McDavid or the free-scoring Dylan Larkin of the Detroit Red Wings.

How to Bet on Ice Hockey and Tips for Successful NHL betting

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some helpful tips and strategies for NHL betting at Stake's online sportsbook:

  • Do your research: Ice hockey is a game of fine margins, so make sure you research player form, player stats, and performance before placing a bet. Game odds will also differ throughout the ice hockey season, so be sure to keep up to date with our betting resources and betting tips online.

  • Consider injuries: Due to the rough nature of ice hockey, injuries are common on the ice. Always check a team’s injury list before placing a bet, as injuries can severely hamper a team’s chances of victory. Specifically, look out for key players who may be sitting out on multiple or single games.

  • Look at travel schedules: NHL players have to travel far and wide to compete throughout the season, so consider weeks where teams have to make particularly long trips, as this is likely to affect their performance.

  • Understand line matchups: Ice hockey is a game of lines. A line is a group of players sent out onto the ice together simultaneously, and it can be changed throughout a season. So, spend some time analysing how a team’s lines work together for a good idea about how likely they are to win.

  • Look for promotions: At Stake.com, we offer a range of promotions and bonuses to use at our online sportsbook. So read up on the latest offers to enhance your chances of winning NHL bets. To take things up a notch, you can become a Stake VIP member ! To learn more about the program, read our Stake VIP guide .

2023-24 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting

Colorado Avalanche hopes to successfully negotiate this year’s R1 playoffs fixture against the Seattle Kraken to successfully defend their Stanley Cup crown. But with round one of the playoffs almost done and dusted, we’re now at the business end of the ice hockey season. Who will be this year’s Stanley Cup champions? Let’s look at how the 2023-24 NHL playoffs are shaping up.

Stanley Cup Bracket & Schedule 2023-24

In the 2023 Stanley Cup playoff series, the teams competed in a best-of-seven series that follows a 2-2-1-1-1 format. The first-round series winner progressed to the second round, and in these two rounds, home advantage was given to the higher seed.

The Conference Finals followed the second-round series before the Stanley Cup Finals bring the season to a close in June. The playoffs began on April 17 with the Carolina Hurricanes v New York Islanders, and the Stanley Cup will occurred on June 3, 2023.

You can place futures bets on the ultimate winner of the Stanley Cup, running through till April 18 2024. You can also place bets on each of the individual games within the playoffs as you have done throughout the regular hockey season.

All of the popular betting options are available during the playoffs, including the puck line, player props, and totals bets.

Stanley Cup Teams

There are sixteen teams in the 2023-24 NHL playoffs. After a brilliant regular season, the Boston Bruins entered the playoffs as Presidents Cup champions. The teams to have made the playoffs (with their regular season points highlighted) are listed below:

Team Conference Points
Boston Bruins Eastern Conference (Atlantic Division) 135
Toronto Maple Leafs Eastern Conference (Atlantic Division) 111
Tampa Bay Lightning Eastern Conference (Atlantic Division) 98
Carolina Hurricanes Eastern Conference (Metropolitan Division) 113
New Jersey Devils Eastern Conference (Metropolitan Division) 112
New York Rangers Eastern Conference (Metropolitan Division) 107
New York Islanders Eastern Conference (Wild Card) 93
Florida Panthers Eastern Conference (Wild Card) 92
Colorado Avalanche Western Conference (Central Division) 109
Dallas Stars Western Conference (Central Division) 108
Minnesota Wild Western Conference (Central Division) 103
Vegas Golden Knights Western Conference (Pacific Division) 111
Edmonton Oilers Western Conference (Pacific Division) 109
Los Angeles Kings Western Conference (Pacific Division) 104
Seattle Kraken Western Conference (Wild Card) 100
Winnipeg Jets Western Conference (Wild Card) 95

NHL Betting Predictions & Tips

If you’re keen to bet on the 2024 NHL season playoffs, here are some top ice hockey betting tips to take advantage of to boost your chances of winning:

  • Form often goes out of the window in playoff games as the stakes are raised. This is why you often see unfancied teams go all the way in the Stanley Cup! So, it’s always a good idea to check a team’s previous playoff performances before backing them!

  • As well as pre-match bets, consider placing live bets on the NHL playoffs for more variety on your betting slip. Read our guide for more information about the differences between live and pre-match betting at Stake.

  • Do you know your Asian totals from your handicap bets ? Ensure you understand your NHL betting options before backing your selections in the playoffs. You can use our online sports betting guide to help you.

The NHL playoffs are the most exciting time of the ice hockey season! Make sure you have funds in your account to make your selections. For more information about supported crypto and fiat currencies at Stake.com, learn about our supported deposit and withdrawal methods. While you're at it, be sure to check out our online casino and you'll find yourself playing the industry's best online casino games!